Mr. Alan Larson

Alan Larson provides clients with strategic advice, counseling and representation at the intersection of international business and public policy. A Ph.D. economist, decorated diplomat and non-lawyer, Mr. Larson advises clients on high stakes international challenges. His trouble shooting takes him to all parts of the world. His practice encompasses international investment and acquisitions; sanctions and trade compliance; international energy transactions, international aviation and international trade. He has helped win approval of the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) for some of the highest profile foreign investments in the United States, including several by state-owned companies and sovereign wealth funds.


Mr. Larson helps Covington’s management team formulate and implement its international strategy. He is Chairman of Coalition for Integrity and a Board Member of Helping Children Worldwide. He previously served in the State Department two top economic policy jobs, as Under Secretary of State for Economics and Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs, as well as Ambassador to OECD. He is a Career Ambassador, the State Department’s highest honor.


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