Dr. Hani Zedan

Dr Zedan is a Saudi lawyer, consultant and independent scholar with UK and US qualifications. His Ph.D. in law was focused on Saudi regulatory reform and legal policy making in Saudi Arabia. The research focused on reforms to the Saudi Arabian judiciary, Saudi Arabia’s commercial and investment relevant regulations in areas such as foreign investment and capital markets, as well as investment risk areas such constitutional challenges and future outlooks for stability and reform.

Dr Zedan’s current legal practice focuses on securities, financial regulation and capital markets. His particular expertise is in the area of comparative law and cross-jurisdictional legal practice. He is an alumni of Georgetown University where he completed his LLM in Securities and Financial Regulation and holds an MA in International and Comparative Legal Studies from the University of London. He advises clients interested in investing and maintaining their investments in Saudi Arabia. He also consults with think tanks and corporate strategy consultants and firms on risk management, geopolitical affairs in the Middle East and strategic management.



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